Learn Money Reiki
Money Reiki courses


1. Does this method really work?

Every thought is this Universe creates a new form of reality. So the answer for the question is surely, YES.

Practice it with complete belief and faith, and you would be pleasantly surprised by the results.

2. Can I get a million dollar within this week?

Is there a plan to achieve it?..... it is like the story i have heard earlier, that a man died and went to God complaining that he never won a lottery even though he prayed for it daily(almost 5 times a day). God replied to him, "Son, I tried helping you, but atleast you could have bought a ticket".

If it is a part of the cosmic plan, surely you would get it, there is Karma and other things that is more than what you can see by the naked eye.

However, with this practice you are clearing all the negative energies of the money, from you, your environment and the universe.

3. Can I do all modules together in one day?

To read the manuals, is the easiest job, however this method needs practice to feel the flow and to watch the money energy clean and becoming huge around you comes with time. So, Patience and Persistence, gives its own rewards. Go Slow, understand the system and MASTER IT. 

If you go too fast in this healing methodology, it may cleanse a lot of things in your life, that may look temporarily disturbing. But it is always for your highest Good.

4. If I get the material and get the attunement from you and feel if it does not work, will you refund the money?

The energy exchange is for the attunement and manauls, Please remember this is energy work, we cannot pull back the attunement once given.

Reiki is everywhere, this system is a very strong energy system, practice well........ it would show you results.

Please enroll  for this course, only when you feel you are ready for it.......and you need to have full faith in the energy healing system.